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Our data platform aggregates sustainability data and ratings and makes them accessible and easy to understand.

One Data Platform

Forget about visiting dozens of websites to get all the data you need. Sustainyfacts aggegates data from thousands of sources so you don’t have to waste your time.

Free and Open Source

We believe that access to sustainability data should be a right, not a privilege. Therefore, we have opened the doors of Sustainyfacts to everyone.

Sustainyfacts Rating

The fastest way to evaluate the sustainability of a company. Based on public data and built with complete transparency.

Sustainability Rankings

Browse product and service categories and see how sustainable companies truly are.

Quick facts

Is this company net zero? Does this product contain recycled materials? Learn sustainability facts that matter.

ESG Reports

Easily access sustainability reports published by companies and public authorities.

Are you a software engineer?

Join the Sustainyfacts community and contribute to a better future